Mid-Michigan District Office

Please know that you are surrounded in prayer as you lead in this highly unusual season.  You have our immense gratitude for adapting to the daily shifts caused by the corona virus pandemic.  There are some helpful tools that you have undoubtedly already accessed and have shared with others.  Here are a few that we… Continue Reading Mid-Michigan District Office

Q&A All About Protection/Safe Sanctuary Policy

Q&A All about Protection/Safe Sanctuary Policy by: Rev. Kathy Pittenger, Children’s Initiatives Coordinator, Michigan Conference What is a protection/safe sanctuary policy? A Protection Policy (known by lots of names, for this conversation I will refer to it as a Protection Policy, or PP) is a document local churches adopt, implement, and follow through to protect… Continue Reading Q&A All About Protection/Safe Sanctuary Policy

Toolbox: Starter Kit

Toolbox: Your very own starter kit! NEW! The Michigan Conference has recently completed a sample protection policy for local churches. Start with the template and adapt it. You will want to consult your insurance company and attorney to make sure it’s complete and adequate, but creating the policy has never been easier. It also lists… Continue Reading Toolbox: Starter Kit

District Youth Conference Grants

The Mid-Michigan District of the Michigan United Methodist Conference is eager to support youth groups throughout the district who are interested in going to the Love Well 2019 National Youth Conference in Kansas City, Missouri this summer. We believe the event will offer many opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship that are so valuable in… Continue Reading District Youth Conference Grants

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